Scuba diving

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Scuba diving

Postby Decentlady » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:53 pm

This is a time tested sport that has been practised for a very long time now. Many places across the globe offers scuba diving as a recreational activity.

Those who are in love with underwater life surely will agree with me that it is the beat way of admiring nature in the closest of the ways.

Right equipments and techniques land you to the best undisturbed places in nature: the marine life.

Have you scuba dived?

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby DR KOKIL AGARWAL » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:17 pm

Yes I have experienced it once.It is really a bliss to be able to get so close to ocean bed and get a feel of underwater life. The view of fishes swimming all around you and that too so close is completely mesmerizing.

I will a;ways try it the next time if given a chance.

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby Shine_Spirit » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:23 pm

I already had the opportunity to practice scuba diving, and I loved it.

I remember my first time as if it were yesterday. I was with 3 other friends, in a whole new place and practicing scuba diving was something totally unexpected for us because it was not in our plans. However, was one of the best decisions we made on that trip.

Simple unforgettable. ;)
Soul Traveler. 8-)

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby Alexandoy » Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:28 am

We have a place here that is south of Palawan province in the Philippines. It is called El Nido and reputedly the best place for scuba diving. The marine life is thriving and corals of different types and colors abound aside from the fish and other marine animals. El Nido is the haven of scuba divers even if it is a bit far from the mainland of Palawan. I would suggest for scuba diving addicts to try El Nido.

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby pwarbi » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:49 pm

I've never been scuba diving, but if I had the chance then I'd certainly give it a go. There are many places around the world that are recommended, but around the Australian coast is regarded as the best area in the world when it comes to any sort of diving.

One day I may get the chance to do it, maybe not off the Australian coast, but I'm sure there will be places more local to me that I can experience it, they just won't be as good.

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby harijobs » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:02 am

I have not scuba dived but my friend had gone for scuba diving and she shared her experience when she went for a holiday to Andaman. She told that it was a completely different feel and she really enjoyed it. I am yet to try it out and I will surely try one day.

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Re: Scuba diving

Postby Ray1 » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:45 am

Scuba diving is perhaps one of the easiest of all the water sports and one can do it even if you do not know how to swim properly. However, one should be careful and should not go underwater unless you have a guide with you because it is otherwise needs a technical support. I have yet to do it in Australia despite of having very good facilities here but I have enjoyed it back in Goa and Lakshadweep in India.

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