Aborigines of New Zealand

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Aborigines of New Zealand

Postby Alexandoy » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:13 pm

I want to see the aboriginal tribe of NZ, how they live and what they eat. This may appear as a cultural trip but not really. Maybe a day of visit would be enough to take some pictures and interviews. Another in my list is to see the uncommon animals like the Tasmanian devil. Not to forget, there is the Hobbit place where the movie was shot and from what I have read, they have kept the setting intact so it's like a theme park. My wife is interested in seeing the prairie that I said is more of a graze land for the cattle and sheep. And anywhere we go, the food is one important element in the list.

PS. I am gathering data so that when our trip would materialize, I am armed with the proper itinerary. NZ is one prospect when we go to Australia, we can maybe make a sidetrip.

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Re: Aborigines of New Zealand

Postby kaacu » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi Alexandoy,

The aboriginal tribe of NZ is called Maori. I also want to know if there's any tour exploring their places and culture. Australia has heaps of places for aboriginal culture but seldom hear of anything similar in NZ??

Tasmanian Devil is originated from Tasmania Australia. They had disease few years ago so most of them are being well feed by the nursery in Tasmania now.

Hobbit place is also in my bucket list. Seem it's at somewhere close to Wellington, New Zealand. Should be heaps of tour from Wellington I think.

In addition, cattle, sheep and food are around everywhere in NZ. You won't miss out any of that, better do a road trip so you can discover more hidden gem on the road. Spend a month or so in each island of NZ for a deep journey. :) Good luck!

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Re: Aborigines of New Zealand

Postby penny » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:22 pm

The Hobbit set (Hobbiton) is just outside of a small town called Matamata. The buses pick people up from two locations inn Matamata, I went from the tourist information center. I think you can also get a package tour from Rotorua,

It is a rather expensive tourist trap but for a fan of the movies it is well worth the money. I really enjoyed it. I just wish they had some better souvenirs down the cheaper end of the scale. I went on a lovely summer's day and while a tad crowded it was really beautiful and plenty of good opportunities to take photos inside and outside different hobbit holes.

One fun thing is that they built the houses on different scales to produce the illusion of humans and hobbits being different sizes--it wasn't all done with computer effects. Also one of the trees they moved onto the site and it died, so they had to wire thousands of leaves onto it to make it look the same in all of the movies.

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